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Common Questions

"Can just anyone

make or use their own coins?"

Anyone can lawfully make, buy or sell investment grade bullion silver rounds. We go a step further with a special form of silver bullion for use as a teaching tool. We have denominated our silver rounds in time value, for a timeless understanding whether a lesson is taught today or tomorrow.

The limited nature, the built in object lessons, and the highly unique design of our bullion round creates an added collector's value. 


Similar to a  previously sold gift certificate that is surrendered upon fulfilment, our acceptance of RPH in exchange for goods or services only at our own location more correctly renders RPH to be a token, like at a fancy car wash. For legality sake, we still have to value our tokens in dollars when they are sold by us, this way taxes in the correct dollar amount can be paid. 

In simpler terms, we are not trying to pass our bullion tokens as money, nor do we intend for them to be used as such by anyone outside of the Riverpass boundaries. Any tokens sold outside of the Riverpass boundaries, are strictly for novelty, collector, or instructional use.

We love and respect our nation, and the law.  May God continue to bless America.

18 U.S.C. § 486 – Uttering coins of gold, silver or other metal

Whoever, except as authorized by law, makes or utters or passes, or attempts to utter or pass, any coins of gold or silver or other metal, or alloys of metals, intended for use as current money, whether in the resemblance of coins of the United States or of foreign countries, or of original design, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

"Can't I buy 1/10th ounce coins/rounds in other places, like coinshops or at a bullion dealer?"

Yes, but there is no other place that we know of that offers usable silver tokens for sale. You will see that there are only about 5 different designs of 1/10th ounce generic silver rounds online or in coin shops and the mint quality and level of interest, or uniqueness, are left wanting.


We wanted a time-denominated collector quality 1/10th ounce round, and to satisfy our own standards, we had to make it. Most bullion dies are made without a plaster sculpt resulting in a much lower amount of detail, easier to counterfeit, yet lower cost to make. We didn't want to compete in that market, so we opted for the high road, with a highly detailed unique design.No other company has put an entire world map on a 1/1oth ounce silver round. We also are the only maker of time-denominated silver bullion. This alone sets us above the rest.


The generic silver bullion is not compatible with the RIVERPASS TIME EXCHANGE structure, and therefore, not exchangeable for goods at the Riverpass. So, other bullion rounds may contain the same amount of silver, yet are not currently usable outside of a coin shop. The added value of being: uncirculated, encapsulated, usable, masterfully detailed, along with the unique and limited nature of our silver tokens are why they may be valued more than generic bullion rounds.

Are there any other benefits to owning physical silver?

New uses for silver in the health industry are being discovered at a steady pace.

The likelihood of it increasing in value exponentially over the next several decades is, to be expected. We have known for centuries that a silver coin will keep a pitcher of milk or water from spoiling for much longer than without it.


Silver is naturally antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial. A silver coin placed over an open wound can ward off infection. Nano silver air filters, silver lined medical tubing, and silver plated surgical equipment are all currently being realized as medical breakthroughs in their own right.

Silver is also the best conductor of electricity on earth, surpassing even gold. This is one of several reasons that silver has no equal substitute in the world.

So it is safe to say that silver provides many benefits to those that physically have some in their posession. In addition Colloidal silver can be readily made from bullion silver as well.

"Whats up with the actual designs on the RIVERPASS 1/10th oz. silver round?"

The front of the ONE HOUR round is the crest in circle design. The crest features two heraldic wolves and an oak tree.

The oak tree has 4 acorns and 9 'branches'.

There are 9 'saltires' ( like an X ), arranged around the crest's field.

Each saltire is made up of 4 rectangles and 1 square.

The ascribed meanings of all these features are discussed occasionally and incrementally by Mario on Riverpass Radio.

The wolves could represent Rogue River and Grants Pass, the two formal cities aside the Oak tree, representing the Riverpass that sits between them.

It has been proposed, albeit informally, that the description above can be scaled out to represent the proposed state of Jefferson, with the wolves, that are Oregon and California, clawing at the 4 fruits ( industry, agriculture, commerce, freedom) that are attributes of the state of Jefferson.

It has been further argued more universally that the two wolves represent time and energy, both clawing at the four fruits (acorns) of life in health, wealth, family and friends.

Either way, this Ibarra family crest has been with Mario's branch of the Ibarra family tree since 1266, or more than 750 years.

On the obverse, or 'back' of the round, is a map of the earth 'as it is' showing that our silver tokens are valued everywhere in the world. The tropics, the equator and all twenty four time zones are easily visible , even though the RPH is only 19mm in diameter. Even Antarctica, as a raised surrounding ice wall is featured accurately for the first time on any coin.


Although a little small for a functional map, but in case anyone wants to try their hand at it's practical use, the scale is 1 millimeter = 2118 Kilometers. Good Luck!

How does a person actually use RPH at
the Riverpass, or online at

RPH can be acquired online or onsite, and can be spent online or onsite, as well.


If you are offsite, and would like to pay for goods or services with RPH call us and we will arrange the logistics for you to do so. Although not designed for such transactions to take place, they can be performed with little effort.


If you are an accepted guest staying at the Riverpass, be sure to bring your accumulated RPH with you on your vacation. Our official onsite currency is the only accepted form of payment for goods and services within the Riverpass boundaries.


"What's up with the other products that RIVERPASS has  online?"

We always keep an eye out for quality products that are made in the USA.

All Riverpass merchandise is backed by a quality guarantee.


We only offer product that we use for ourselves. In fact, the products we carry are a direct result of not finding what we wanted in the existing marketplace. So you can be sure that any RIVERPASS product you enjoy, is unique and made with the highest standards of excellence.

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