Riverpass Time Exchange

At Riverpass, time, is money, is silver.

Paper currency works as a promissory note. It is an IOU, an instrument of debt. When you hold a 1 dollar bill, it is a receipt proving that you are owed one dollar's worth of goods or service from the issuer. 

A century ago, our paper currency was a claim check for actual silver and gold dollars. People could exchange their paper dollars for real gold or silver, for most people their was little need.

When the gold was no longer available as a redeemable asset, the dollar became a claim check for nothing. This was the beginning of the end of our nations rise to the top.

Yet, unlike paper, a gold or silver coin is not a promise of future service, it is the result of past labor. Anyone who holds a silver coin need only trust the metal, rather than the issuer of it.

This is why, while officially for use only at Riverpass, RPH are valued by everyone in the world.
You and I accept paper currency in exchange for our time and energy, only because we are confident others will do the same. We all understand that paper in itself has little value, simply because it can be created on demand. We must therefore trust the issuer of our paper currency not to exploit this power. Good luck.


 RPH are unique '1-HOUR' 
time-denominated precious metal token coins, earned and spent on goods or services at Riverpass.


Mint-state & encapsulated,

via our trade up program. Receive 5 RPH for each ounce of generic silver bullion sent to Riverpass.


Our trademarked, 

'paper-to-physical' silver pricing ratio, for those that insist on buying RPH with FRN (federal reserve notes).

We are often asked how we could dare list our RPH at such prices as we do. The answer is simple.

The futures contracts on the commodities markets have sold every physical ounce they hold, to more than 150 buyers.

They have gotten away with this, because physical delivery is almost never taken. This creates a feeling that there is plenty of bullion to go around and this has been going on for decades.

However, the manipulator's effects are providing diminishing returns, and the game will soon be up. They have turned silver into a coiled spring, they can no longer hold down, but for a few years more, at most.


How do we set the official price of the RIVERPASS HOUR?

In three easy steps, verifiable by anyone at anytime:

1. Find the 'Paper contracts / physical bullion' ratio on any debt clock website.

2. Next, multiply the ratio by the market spot price of silver.

3. Lastly, divide by 10 to get the actual dollar value of the RPH 1/10th oz. silver token.

At Riverpass we took an industry leading step, by offering our RPH only at true market prices. The intentional sticker shock proves the degree of manipulation by our futures markets, yet it is the fairest and most justifiable way to price silver with a foundation based on actual supply and demand principles. 

The example we are trying to set, is that the average American is no longer capable to purchase  one tenth of a silver ounce at real prices. The RPH is an object lesson/ teaching tool, to show your friends and family the real value of their time and energy, and silver.

Your time is your most precious asset, and a silver dime for an hour of time has proven to be average wage for skilled labor across many continents, over many centuries.  
1 HOUR Obverse.jpg
When you send 1 ounce of generic .999 silver to Riverpass Time Exchange, you will receive 5 RPH in return, or a total of 1/2 ounces of .999 silver.

The other half ounce of your silver covers the assayment, melting, rolling, punching, polishing, pressing, reeding, encapsulating and shipping of your new RPH to you.

For more information please visit our FAQ's page here, or contact us at anytime, here.

A few facts about the Riverpass 'One Hour' silver token:

-RIVERPASS HOURS (RPH) are investment grade, collectable, limited, time-denominated silver tokens. 

-RPH is the only silver round in history to contain a scale map (1mm = 2118km of the earth 'as it is'.

-All RPH are encapsulated in a polycarbonate protective case, for everyday carry.
-They can be earned by performing needed skilled services at Riverpass or with a local partner. Likewise, RPH can be traded for select goods and services at Riverpass or with our local partners.

-The meaning behind the design on the shield side of the RPH is incrementally explained in segments of the Riverpass Method radio show.
-The Riverpass 'time-coin-silver' token concept and value structure, has taken more than 5 years in R&D.

- RPH was first inspired by the Denarius, a Roman coin about the size of the RPH, and was the wage given 'per diem', or, 'by the day' to a common soldier.

- During the 'golden age' of the USA in the early 20th century, the average worker was earning a silver dollar a day.

-Historically, one silver dime per hour has been a fair wage for skilled labor.
-There were 2 paper dollars for every ounce of silver in 1920, as of 2020 the ratio is 5000 to 1.

-Created under Mario Ibarra, and fulfilled by second and third generation artisans and craftsman from five different industries across three states right here in the good old US of A.

We are honored to present the Riverpass 'One Hour' .999 silver token. Direct from Riverpass Time Exchange.
Have you saved any one ounce silver bars and gold coins for an emergency scenario?  

Without fractional silver coin, you would be forced to pay  for small basic needs like a loaf of bread with a full ounce of silver or even a gold coin.

It costs roughly the same amount of labor to mint any size coin. So dealers request the larger coins more often, spending less on minting costs per ounce of metal

Yet, history proves that the, small yet mighty, 1/10th ounce silver coin, is the most liquid, tangible asset ever made.
1 HOUR Obverse Coins.jpg