RIVERPASS Time Exchange

It's all so simple.
Shop with RIVERPASS HOURS (RPH) at a retail partner, and make your community stronger.
 With us, you can support small locally owned businesses using real silver coins.


RIVERPASS HOURS can be acquired from us or an approved vendor.


RIVERPASS HOURS amongst each other in anyway two parties can agree on.


RIVERPASS HOURS to any coin shop for dollars, or

 retail partner for store credit.

For the business owner with a brick and mortar shop,

We have designed the RIVERPASS TIME EXCHANGE with you in mind, see our Q & A here.

Being 99.9% pure silver bullion, RIVERPASS HOURS are valued by nearly everyone in the world. Coin shops, jewelry stores, pawn shops, antique and second hand stores, individuals, or collectors all will value and in most cases 'purchase' RIVERPASS HOURS, from you everywhere you go. 

We all have to pay bills with paper or plastic currency, but we can choose to shop at local RIVERPASS affiliated retailers.  When you pay for products or services at small local businesses with real silver RIVERPASS HOURS, you increase the wealth and therefore the freedom and security of our own neighborhoods.

See our Frequently asked Questions.

Have you saved silver bars and gold coins for an emergency scenario?  
Without fractional silver coin, you would be forced to pay  for small basic needs like a loaf of bread with a gold coin or a full ounce of silver.
The historic truth is that the, small yet mighty, 1/10th ounce silver round, is the most liquid tangible asset, ever made.

"Gold and silver are money, everything else is credit". -J.P. Morgan

Riverpass LLC is proud to have no affiliation with any social media, sales, or search engine companies.  You know who we mean.