The Riverpass Time Exchange.

They say time is money.
How much is your time really worth? Well, that depends at what point in history you look. Unfortunately  the average American now, has been unwittingly reduced to the status of a well kept slave.  All while trying to hold a veneer of freedom. When we compare the boxes below we can see how America was the richest country in the world by far, and now we have fallen far from it, with most Americans, the illusion of freedom will crumble away if one direct deposit paycheck is missed, keeping the plastic from working.

220 AD

A Roman soldiers wage for a day, the size and weight of a US Dime, In 1920 US workers earned 1 per hour.

1920 AD

Until it was replaced with nickel covered copper in 1964, the US dime was 90% silver, & could buy a meal.

2020 AD

Nobody is paid in precious metals, even paper cost too much to use, you now get electric credits, on plastic.

Equal in size, not in stature; 90% Silver Roman Denarius, 90%  silver US Dime, and the 99.9% Silver Riverpass Hour

How do we determine the value of the RIVERPASS HOUR?

RPH are valued in three easy steps, verifiable by anyone at anytime:

1. Look up the dollar to silver ratio, at any popular debt clock website.

2. Divide that number by 10, since 1 RPH is 1/10th of an ounce of .999 silver.

3. That is the actual correlative value of our token, 1 hour of your time, and the US dollar.

RIVERPASS HOURS (RPH) are investment grade, collectable, very limited time-denominated silver tokens.
RPH is the only fractional silver round in history to contain a scale map (1mm = 2118km of the earth 'as it is'.
All RPH are encapsulated in a polycarbonate protective case, for everyday carry.
You will be amazed to see what an hour of your time is truly worth in todays inflated currency.
Have you saved silver bars and gold coins for an emergency scenario?  
Without fractional silver coin, you would be forced to pay  for small basic needs like a loaf of bread with a gold coin or a full ounce of silver.
The historic truth is that the, small yet mighty, 1/10th ounce silver coin, is the most liquid, tangible asset ever made.
Riverpass LLC is proud to have no affiliation with any social media, sales, or search engine companies.  You know who we mean.