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"We all have our time machines...
Those that take us back are memories...
and those that carry us forward are dreams."

-H.G. Wells, The Time Machine

Why let time lead you by the wrist?

A man in charge of his own time,

doesn't always need a clock in view.


Put time back in your pocket.

The Riverpass Time Machine is your every day carry time piece. Kept safe in the small hip pocket that was made for it.


A better option for the hardworking man.

Before television, cell phones, and the internet, when men were men, and could dig a hole, or split wood.

The way that their old man showed them. 


Back when men owned the land they lived on, and weren't easily tricked into being handcuffed to a clock.


When their time was traded for gold and silver, or guns or horses.

Not for dirty paper or electronic credits. When men were free to live as men, the way God intended.


Riverpass Time Machine was created to exhibit those ideals in our present time and place.
To offer craftsmanship and beauty to those of us who still appreciate such things.

We've created a near perfect mechanical machine, kept ticking each day by your own power.
Made to inspire hard-working men, who need their wrists free, because they're free.



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