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One Hour Coin


 Being free is having the time to do what pleases you.

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The 'One Hour' coin exemplifies the interlocking union between time, money, and precious metals.





.999 Fine Silver

1/10 troy ounce

Made in USA


The RIVERPASS TIME EXCHANGE 'ONE HOUR' SILVER COIN allows you to literally buy yourself some extra time.


We have created a beautiful object lesson and/or conversation starter that will enable you to physically experience the historic connection between time, money, silver, and gold.

There is a map of the entire world (including Antarctica) on one side, which is fitting, since we offer the worlds only precious metal time currency.

  • We wanted a coin that we would be proud to carry and show off, so we decided to spare no expense in their creation.

  • We also decided to make the coin small enough to not be annoying, so that it would be easily carried in your pocket.

  • We wanted the coins to stay beautiful so we added polycarbonate frames to protect our coins from scratches. 


To create a coin with the detail that is found in the Riverpass Time Exchange '1 HOUR' coin, we took care taking the following steps:


 1) First, large twelve-inch plaster discs are hand carved by professional artisans in 3D relief the same way that every national mint creates coins.


2) Once perfected and approved, the plaster 'sculpts' are reduced onto blank steel dies to create an 18mm image in 3D, while perfectly maintaining the detail from the larger sculpt. 


3) Then the steel is super hardened, and the die is ready for polishing. Every single bit of detail is preserved, in a state that could not be duplicated without the plaster step first. 


4) The steel is polished perfectly on the surfaces that are to have a cameo surface, while contrasting finishes add viewing interest. This is most notable in the rough continents and the smooth deep ocean. 


5) To further set our coin apart, a beautiful reeded edge is added as a final touch, right before they are packed into protective sleeves.

1 HOUR Face dark.jpg

Most companies will skip these expensive and time consuming steps, especially with 1/10th ounce rounds. If these steps are skipped, then only a 2D die or blurry 3D die can be made. That is not how we roll.

Riverpass Time Exchange is a division of Riverpass LLC a family-owned company in the Pacific Northwest. We own all of our own designs and dies. We have a family-owned mint in the mid-west, here in the USA press our certified fine silver rounds.  


Our 'ONE HOUR' coins are instantly packed in tubes to prevent scratching and to preserve their brilliant uncirculated mint state. They are then installed in polycarbonate protectors after being inspected right before they are shipped out.

By creating the most beautiful 1/10th ounce round that we possibly could, we knew we were creating an artistic collector's item. We hope you enjoy owning and exploring the detail of our 'ONE HOUR' .999 fine silver coins as much as we do.


Our 'ONE HOUR' coin is valued in price to 1/100th of an ounce of gold. based on the following 3 things:


1) historic gold-to-silver ratios.

2) historic day's wages paid in silver for skilled labor.

3) US Dollar -to- RPH exchange rates are adjusted every Friday after markets close for the weekend.


Now go ahead and buy yourself a little extra time, and a real life example of our most precious  commodity.

Time may tell that you might regret it if you don't.

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