No golden ticket, but a silver token.

Updated: Mar 12

When you buy a ticket to a corporate theme park, you engage in a transaction that is worthless to you if you don't actually use the ticket. Now, thanks to our smartphone addiction, a ticket that only exists digitally, it can't even be sold to a collector decades later.

When a certain theme park and animation company that first opened in Anaheim California began offering their own currency, they made it possible to exchange your dollars, for currency only useful at their location.

Ironically, and contrary to common logic, people were excited to exchange their widely accepted notes for a mock version that could be used almost no where else.

The collectability and the sentiment of a enjoyable visit, were enough added value, many people planned to never spend their corporate park dollars as soon as they got them.

Riverpass may never have the fancy rides (or the lines), but all of our rocks and trees are real, and so is our on-site currency.

The Riverpass Time Exchange adds further value to the holder of any RPH, by preserving purchasing power, and enticing locals to shop at locally owned, Southern Oregon retail partner shops, where their RPH may be exchanged for store credit.

When we build out our planned 'village shops', only Riverpass Hours (RPH) will be accepted as payment for onsite goods and services. By making our 'entry token' or ticket, out of pure .999 silver in the form of 1/10th ounce collectable rounds.

Now our future potential guests, and admirers from afar, can both enjoy our beautifully made ONE HOUR token, even if they never intend to visit.

'ONE HOUR' token are encased in plastic for protective purposes. Bare token shown in photos Only.