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1/10 oz. .999 Silver RIVERPASS HOUR

The 1 HOUR coin, direct to you from the Riverpass Time Exchange.

People have always told me, that I have too much time on my hands. I think, I simply use my time more wisely than they do. When you figure out that money is just purchased time, you can begin to invest your riches wisely.

Here is something important to understand:

Honest money, simply silver and gold, are human time/labor encapsulated. So if properly contrived, money is simply a physical way to store time.

Look at it this way.

The young, work to exchange their time for paper or digital currency.

The old, exchange their currency for other people's time.

We have all heard it one way or another, “Time is money”, or “It only takes time and money”. The concept seldom receives another thought.

Yet, we ‘spend our time’ out of an account of which we cannot know the remaining balance, nor can we make any additional deposit into. It really is foolish to waste one’s time.

We have decided to use our own time right now while we are young to hand build a self-reliant estate that can provide our family with a great life experience now and for future generations. It’s simple, and there are no shortcuts, we call it the Riverpass Method. Learn the ABC’s here.

Those that reward themselves with time-saving assets grow wealthy, and those that reward themselves with bread and circus stay poor. Sad, but true.

This concept, when truly understood, becomes a real reason for us to take our time into our own hands.

When possible, consider using less of the middleman, that is paper currency, and instead use your time wisely and seize the day. Stop blindly chasing dirty paper that you hope will provide an enjoyable future, instead start building and enjoying your future, today.

If you are willing to work hard, but are not sure where to focus your effort, consider our Riverpass Method as a guide.


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