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The Layman's Guide to Ley-lines

In some places earth's geography can manipulate the metaphysical.

Magnets are owned and used by many and understood by few. Once considered to be magic, (hence the 'mag' part of the name) now they hold up postcards on our refrigerators. Ley-lines today, like magnets of yesterday, are associated with the occult or spiritual locations, due to the lack of understanding by the general public.

The scientific approach to understanding the world around us has left us half blind.

For example, the presence or absence of love can be felt, but it cannot be graphed. Since it can't be graphed, science can't 'see' it. Love exists, yet cannot be proved by science.Like love, ley-lines have been left out of science due to their inability to be quantified.

To put it simply, the way wind moves through canyons, and how water flows downhill, a quasi-magnetic energy flows through parts of the earth, often or near underground water, and are produced via mountain chains and notable geographic features.

This energy, can be felt in that it seems to magnify the emotional state of a person, as well as magnifying the individual's intent. The way that a cave magnifies a voice with an echo. It is no more magical than a magnet.

This is why the 'earth energy-grid' (a more accurate name), has attracted builders of phenomenal structures to build on top of places where the energy lines were strongest or where two or more met.

Pyramids, amphitheaters, temples, cathedrals, and 'henges' all occur along amazingly straight lines that even line up across continents in some cases.

These types of structures all benefit greatly from the magnification of the emotional state of the visitor. Resulting in a more intense attribution to the religious service, theatrical performance, or solemn ceremony that is being performed on the site.

The same way good acoustics, or proper lighting can make a performance more emotionally engaging and more enjoyable. The earth energy grid, is a tool of the same respect, not to be given any more.

Years later the discovery of a ley-line that runs through the west of the property, added enough intrigue to warrant this conversation. There is little information about ley-lines outside of the initiate clubs that add more mystery than they resolve. Even the blurry map above is testimony to the lack of practical information regarding ley-lines. However, certain details show us the Riverpass Retreat location.

While walking the Riverpass Loop, you will cross a part of the trail that is directly aligned with Crater lake, the Oregon Vortex, and Eight Dollar Mountain. The mysterious nature of these places has been historically documented by native tribes who took settlers to these places and told of the powers there.


Fun Fact: It has been proposed that 'jetlag' (the feeling of being tired after air travel) is a direct result of having crossed so many energy lines in a short period of time.


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