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Walking through Wonderland

It takes only 15 minutes to walk a complete lap on Riverpass Loop. Yet, you'll pass through several distinct zones, experience 50' of elevation change, and you will always see something you haven't seen before.

When walking Riverpass Loop:

Please be sure to stay on it!

The Riverpass Loop is 1/4 mile long and is exactly 66 inches wide. This is so two friends can walk side by side comfortably. This forest trail is unique, in that extra precaution was taken to preserve the forest setting as much as possible.

In order to be made well, and in such a delicate setting, it had to be made by hand without heavy destructive machinery. This trail is meticulously maintained, which takes extra effort due to the Riverpass Retreat strict anti-herbicide rule throughout the property.

Old Growth Abounds

The land immediately off the trail fulfills the 4 criteria of old growth forest:

1. Full mature Douglas fir, Madrone, Pine, Oak and Maple

2. Dead standing trees

3. Decaying fallen logs

4. Varied understory

So, if it is not on the trail, it is not to be disturbed. This way the Riverpass Loop will stay beautiful indefinitely.

Fun Fact:

The Riverpass Loop is directly on top of portions of the Siskiyou trail, which was used for thousands of years by humans and animals as the main passage from what is now Canada all the way to South America.

What do you know about the Riverpass Loop?

  1. How many 'tree gates' will you pass through on one full lap?

  2. How many living stumps can be seen along the Riverpass Loop?

  3. Where can you see a rock shaped like a Giant's Tooth?

  4. Where are the seven sisters to be found along the trail?

  5. What is a Dabi-Gobi?


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