Riverpass Defined


     My name is Mario Ibarra, I live and work in the Pacific Northwest with my family on a few unique acres we call the Riverpass Retreat. We are actively building a self-reliant, income-providing homestead/estate, which will also serve as a private retreat for our friends and family.


We created to show that you do not need to be 'paper wealthy' to achieve this goal for yourself. 

With hard work, a well thought out plan, and plenty of time, you can turn raw land into a efficient homestead, and then into a profitable estate. We call this style of operating in the world, the 'Riverpass Method'.


Achieving real freedom, means avoiding debt, and needing less from others. We emphasize that 'time is our real money', and we should not be wasting this wealth. To illustrate this concept tangibly, we began minting .999 fine silver coins denominated in units of time. We  call them Riverpass Hours, or RPH, and they are a great teaching tool.


I also assist new homesteaders, and future property seekers as well. My professional background of two decades as a land surveyor, and PR/marketing manager, allows me to offer unique consulting services. Land features to seek, how to create your 'land-brand', or how to best design your own master planned estate. 


In the end, Riverpass LLC is here to show that the purest form of freedom is working for yourself on your own land.