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"Escape into reality." - Mario Ibarra,  founder
The Riverpass Method

When you remove distractions from your life, it's much easier to determine what's important.

We've found it most important to reduce our dependence on the chaotic world around us.

Allowing us more time to live a peaceful, enjoyable life. With work and goals on our terms, on our own land, the way God intended.

 As we grow, you can too. The Riverpass Method airs weekly on Riverpass Radio, hosted by

Mario Ibarra.

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Visit Riverpass Estate

There are many beautiful properties in the world, but there is only one Riverpass.

Uniquely situated in a small portion of old growth forest, between 2 cities, 5 minutes away.

Geography provides a taste of the hot desert, the shaded pacific forest, even a hidden tropical oasis with waterfall, all on-site. 

Guests of Riverpass will experience a land rich in lost history, and stories that have become legends with time.

Riverpass Time Exchange

Physically hold an hour of time in the palm of your hand.  Convert your most precious asset into a 'time-denominated' 1/10 oz. .999 silver token.

 RPH is designed  to highlight the real value of time, silver, and the US Federal Reserve Note.

RPH can be earned, saved, bought, sold or traded, without a 3rd party, a truly ‘crypto’ currency.

RPH is also the accepted method of payment for all Riverpass Estate on-site goods and services. 

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.”
- Proverbs 4 : 7