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American Patriarch

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Encouraging, educating, and equipping the modern American male with what he needs to become a truly free man.


        In the USA we are told that we are born free, and this is true. 

Yet, most adults are not free, because their time is not their own.

They have agreed to trade their time, as payment for material things.

The first step toward freedom is accepting that it is harder to be free, but worth it. It is much easier to live in comfortable debt bondage.

If your still willing to move forward, consider where you rely on others for survival. There are 7 components of life where you are likely to be dependent on someone else, without control of these factors, you are not free.

Collecting Eggs
Collecting Eggs
4 - Fish Pond
3 - Orchard
2 - Chickens
1 - Garden

The unmistakable feeling of tangible freedom. 


The surest path to freedom is to focus on collecting

'fragility reducers'. The more of them that you get, the more free you are.

It's that simple. Collect them all and you are an American Patriarch.

Your overall freedom is based on the following seven components.

Each component, contains four levels of fragility reducers for you to attain.

Work to clear the first level of all 7 components first, then level two, and so on.


Image by Amelia Spink






Private Property


Family Portrait 3


Water Filter Maintenance

Water & Power


The Game of real life.

If what we are doing reminds you of a game, then good.

When you play a game, you will have a hard time winning if you don't understand the objectives. American Patriarch was created to filter out the nonsense distractions of life, and to point out the goals that every man should have. Goals that lead to a life of being free to pursue your own ideas, and to become another American Patriarch.

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